Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holy Cow

I has been 15 months since my last post. Wow. I actually totally forgot about this blog. I did not stick with my running goals, and did not participate in the 2009 marathon. Due mostly in part to procrastination, with a little illness and injury thrown in. My back was a constant source of pain for about 6 months. Since my last post, I've gained 20 pounds. My back is better but I have chronic pain in my left leg due to a pinched sciatic nerve, which also causes random cramping in my calf. In spite of all of the above, I've decided to try again. I'm trying to eat healthier, I'm doing the Biggest Loser on Wii workout, and I'm running on the treadmill as often as I can, at least twice a week. I am registered (paid for and everything) for the 2010 Rock and Roll Marathon, June 27th. I have friends also participating, so hopefully that will keep me motivated! Here's to a new year and a new me!

Time: 0:00.0
Distance: 0.0
Weight: 191.0

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