Thursday, September 18, 2008

And so it begins...

This is my very first blog post ever! I feel a bit like Doogie Howser, sitting here typing out my thoughts....

Anyway, the goal of all this is for me to keep track of my journey to running my first 1/2 marathon. In June 2009 I'll be participating in the Rock and Roll Seattle (1/2) Marathon. I am in such crap shape now though, it won't be an easy goal to attain. I had my third baby only 5 months ago and have not had a regular exercise routine in several years. Like, since before I had kids at all! I honestly don't know what prompted me to make the decision to run. My friends and family all think I'm crazy, but are also very supportive. Just two days after I mentioned it, my husband (Jake) went out and bought me a brand new treadmill! That solves my problem of figuring out how to keep running thru the winter. Winter in Seattle = not outdoor friendly!

So, week 1 of my training started this past Sunday. On Sunday I went 0.7 miles in 20 minutes. On Tuesday I went 1.0 miles in 23 minutes. Today I went 1.0 miles in 18 minutes, 45 seconds! Already I'm doing better! This gives me hope.

Anyway, I don't expect anyone other than me to read this blog, it is totally for my own benefit. I just needed a place to write down my thoughts and goals, and keep track of my times, etc. Maybe I should keep track of my weight too?

Time - 0:18:45
Distance - 1.002 miles
Weight - 173.2 lbs.


Keli said...

i may have mentioned it but you're batshit insane. also i have a lot of pounds on you and could easily take you in a fight. this might be because instead of chasing after little kids all day, i sit around drinking and finding new music to be snobby about.

Memphis Steve said...

You are picking up speed fast. That's a good thing. It helps to movitate you to keep at it. It feels good when you can see yourself improving so much. It tapers off eventually, but hopefully by then you're so into the habit that you're ok with it.